Got Veggies?

Cori has an extensive knowledge in nutrition and can answer many of your questions about how veggies and fruits can improve your health! It was a pleasure meeting her today and we plan to do much more business together in the future. or (620) 243-4761

Peck Deck Complete!

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  • New Deck Project
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Peck Deck

The trees rustle. The wind bends around life. The smell of dust among the pollen leads me to a sneeze. Excitement fills my soul as I create something new that will bring happiness to others! Stay posted for the latest photos of this artistic creation.


Cookies! Cookies! Cookies!

Do you want to advertise in a fun and innovative way? Do you want people to continue thinking of you day after day? Do you want them to associate you with the smell of fresh cookies? Yes! The Cookie Guy is here only to advertise your business. If asked about his own, he will step back and reroute the conversation to your business! Loyalty and partnership still exist! FRESH BAKED AND WARM COOKIES ARRIVE TO YOUR CUSTOMER WITH AN AMAZING LIVE ADVERTISEMENT! I cannot say enough good things about Tim! We utilize his services regularly!

Cookie Guy


A breath of fresh air sweeps into the room. A slight bounce in her step as she leans forward to greet the panel of welcoming handshakes. Butterflies float where she resides carefree and fun! Meet Jessica Duntz who specializes in custom bags and organization for your home.


Business Networking is Fun!

The air is damp. The day is filled with pressure pushing in from the outside. As I look toward the ground, I feel a tension in my chest. "God is with us, for he is not against us" rings through my mind as I climb the broken stairs. Rising to the top so does my mood. Head held high like I was taught and the confidence bleeds from my being as I approach the Director in the beautiful entry of the Hereford House. Guided to the meeting room I could already feel the energy pulsating from the small crowd. A gathering of like minds who strive for ultimate success!


A few wonderful people I met networking!


Providing trim work, restorations, and antiques.

Network 1
Networking 2
Buying a new home? These ladies can help!
Networking 3
Networking 4
New insurance quote? 
Serving all your epoxy flooring needs!