Business Networking is Fun!

The air is damp. The day is filled with pressure pushing in from the outside. As I look toward the ground, I feel a tension in my chest. "God is with us, for he is not against us" rings through my mind as I climb the broken stairs. Rising to the top so does my mood. Head held high like I was taught and the confidence bleeds from my being as I approach the Director in the beautiful entry of the Hereford House. Guided to the meeting room I could already feel the energy pulsating from the small crowd. A gathering of like minds who strive for ultimate success!


A few wonderful people I met networking!


Providing trim work, restorations, and antiques.

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Buying a new home? These ladies can help!
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New insurance quote? 
Serving all your epoxy flooring needs!


Boys and Girls Club

A long stretch of a drive, emerging buildings being born from the previously blank landscape, a bright sun-beam of color strikes my eye and I look upon it with admiration. I park and walk toward the building looking for its entry. As the loud colors approach me and the kind people welcome me with smiles, I instantly knew I was in the right place. Conversation is inviting from one team to the next. A humble yet joyous world financial expert to a young banker with a large tie. Familiar faces greet me and new ones intrigue me. Following the traditionally dressed Riverfest Admiral's greeting, we were pleased to hear from the heart of the Boys & Girls Club of South Central Kansas. Juston White, Executive Director, displayed much patience and elegance with our many and what seemed at times to be ignorant questions. He caught every question as a catcher expects the pitcher's ball every play. Hearing the true passions of these small business leaders lives brought us all together as one unit for a common goal.

Do you have any questions for the skilled catcher?

People Ready

I turn and almost bump into a familiar face, John Meetz, of The Alternative Board. With a friendly handshake and smile, he warms the room as he eagerly searches for his next partnership. Engaging in conversation that seemed forced to end due to time constraints he gently pulled away. For small business who need a mentor, I can see how he could definitely inspire someone.


As the universe pulls me towards the front of the room, I smash into this jewel. Are we networking or meeting kindred spirits? Angie Marlett, who works at People Ready, is already inquiring of our common interest of fitness. "Where is the gym?", she asks. Basketballs echoing and girls clouded with the mystery of the next move fill the gym. The space is comfortable and invigorating at the same instant.




Touched by what I have witnessed and learned today, I float toward the entry. Phil Richardson of KPS has greeted our catcher at the final moments of the play. Juston, with glove up and ready, Phil pitches a curve ball. He pulls out an informational flyer requesting volunteers for the upcoming Membership Drive. If one has been a Wichita native for very long, then you may have taken in countless hours of free educational and entertaining television. Volunteer to answer phones by contacting Phil or Steve at Score! Juston and Phil just made a new partnership in our community to bring awareness to the public.

Thank you WIBA for the opportunity to play ball with and for valuable members of our community!